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We are Nordic Freedom Tours, established in 2015 as a local Scandinavian brand, renowned for offering complimentary, well-organized, and punctual walking tours in various Scandinavian cities. Our aim is to provide quality sightseeing experiences accessible to every traveler.
Our tours are conducted by local guides, encompassing both complimentary and privately-booked walking options.
For those seeking private tours, we offer competitive rates. If you wish to arrange a private tour, please contact us directly.
We always strive to optimize group sizes to ensure comfortable conditions for our guests, which is why we operate strictly on a reservation basis.
Booking our tours on our official website is paramount and is completely free of charge, unlike third-party websites.
We warmly invite you and your friends to join our free walking tour in Oslo.
To reserve your spot, simply click on ‘Book Tickets’.
We conduct tours in both English and Spanish.
If you are unable to attend a tour you have booked, please inform us at your earliest convenience.
This enables us to allocate your spot to another individual on our waiting list.
Many thanks!



Meet us outside the Jernbanetorget Metro Station, right in front of Oslo Central Station, where the iconic Tiger statue stands.

Keep an eye out for our guide, easily identifiable with the sign:

Click on the map for details.

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