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free walking tour bergen

Free Walking Tour Bergen

Bergen is a picturesque, charming city in Norway. Once the capital and the most important city in the
country. today Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway and it attracts many tourists throughout the year.
This beautiful destination has a lot to offer: from the stunning fjords to the pretty colorful houses and the
variety in museums but also in the innovative gastronomical offer.

The only downside of this amazing city is the weather, which is infamous for being the wettest of Europe.
The good thing about it is that locals have developed plenty of activities for rainy days. Bergen is pullulated
with cute and cozy coffee shops, more than twenty museums, plenty of events at any time of the year and
fabulous restaurants to treat yourself at the end of the day with some high-class cuisine. With so many things
to do in such a relatively small city, it is not always easy to know where to start. Our advice is to explore the
city on foot by joining a free walking tour Bergen.

Bergen is a small and pretty compact city, easy to get around on foot. That means you won’t need a car to
visit Bergen and that you can visit the city in two-three days, depending on your rhythms.
The city center is rich and full of things to do, but if you want to make sure not to miss anything and to make
the most out of your visit, you should ensure that your free tour Bergen includes all of the important
landmarks that the city has to offer. To help you in enjoying this beautiful city at its maximum, we’ve
created for you a list of attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your tour.

Depending on the time you have a disposition, you might need to cut some of the attractions out. Anyways,
here are the things that should go on your list for being able to say that you’ve visited Bergen!

free walking tour bergen

Don’t Miss The Iconic Torgallmenningen

This one might sound a bit obvious as it is the main street and square located in the center of Bergen. Not
only because of the picturesque architecture but also because of the number of shops and restaurants, this
area is the favorite meeting point for locals. It also makes a great starting point for your free tour Bergen.

Learn About Bergen’s History At Bryggen

From Torgallenningen, you’ll get to Bryggen in less than 10 minutes walking. Bryggen is extremely
important for the city’s history but it is also the most iconic sight of Bergen. Established in the 14th century,
it was once, but it still is the most important cultural and economic node of the country, It was here that the
trading empire of the powerful Hanseatic League started. The wooden structures have been rebuilt after
they’d been destroyed by a fire in the 18th century, but they still conserve their historical charm.

Today, walking around Bryggen feels like jumping in the past, despite the several shops, restaurants, and
cafes. In the small but very interesting Bryggens Museums, you’ll see the remains of the oldest buildings of
this part of the city and learn about the trading past of this popular and important harbor. There is also a
section for you to learn about life in the Middle Ages in Bergen. If you’re interested in history or just curious
to know how the city has evolved in a few centuries, you should pay a visit to the museum.

If you’re not into museums, Bryggen would still be one of the most impressive views you’ll get of the city.
Admire this UNESCO World Heritage Site and its wonderful architecture, which is very peculiar and typical
of the city. Consider visiting Bryggen at night ad well. It will be less crowded which will make your visit
magical and beautiful. You’ll feel like traveling back in time.
You cannot visit Bergen without going to Bryggen, so make sure you include it as a stop along your free walking
tour Bergen, you won’t be disappointed!

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Experience the Lively Atmosphere of The Iconic Fish Market

Right in the city center, a few meters from Bryggen, you’ll be able to get into the most iconic and abundant
selection of fish and seafood. Norway is characterized by an extensive coastline and the fish industry is
extremely important for the local economy and it has been so for centuries. Bergen is Norway’s busiest
harbor, which makes its fish market particularly rich. Because the fish industry is so important for the city, it
would be a shame not to visit the colorful and lively outdoor fish market in Bergen.
You can either enjoy a tasty meal or simply taste some oft he freshest seafood of the country. With more
than 30 shops and stands, you’ll for sure find something that will grab your attention.

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If You Want To Visit Another Food Market, Head To Kjottbasaren

A walking tour in Bergen must include different sightseeing and activities. Visiting markets is a great way to
learn about the local culture and habits. If you like them, after having walked around the Fish Market, you
should pay a visit to the Kjottbasaren, which is located very close by. The market dates back to the 19th
century and it takes place inside a beautiful building. Famous for its quality meat, in this market, you’ll also
find the freshest fruits and vegetables and taste some local food. It will be like heaven for foodies!

Get Plenty of Culture At The Hanseatic Museum and Schotstuene

Because of the richness in museums around the city, is inevitable that your free tours Bergen will include
at least some of them. Aside from the Bryggens, an important historical building is the one hosting the
Hanseatic Museum. If you haven’t heard of the Hanseatic League, visiting the museum might be interesting
to expand your knowledge on the matter.

Not only that, the building holds the record of being the oldest wooden structure in the city and it has
retained its original interiors. Inside the museum, you’ll be able to learn about the 400 years long history of
the merchants of Bergen. You’ll learn how the German merchants used to live in Bryggen and how they
worked. You’ll also see the evolution of the League throughout the centuries.

The merchants were living in the house and were not allowed to light fires or candles for the fire risk. This is
probably why the building is perfectly conserved. They would spend the night in the dormitories upstairs.
By purchasing a ticket for the Hanseatic Museum, you’ll also get the opportunity to go inside the
Schotsuene, located in the back of Bryggen and which used to host assembly lines and also meeting rooms
and banquet halls for the members of the Hanseatic League.

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Visit The Oldest Building In Bergen: St Mary Church

Located near the Scotsuene, this building is an example of Romanesque architecture in Norway. It seems
that the church was built in the middle of the 12th century and it is unlike any other building in the city, but
also the country. Despite the interesting architecture, perhaps the most precious treasure in the church is the
altar which you’ll find inside. It is a beautiful piece carved in the 15th century. St Mary is the only church
remaining of the 12 churches built in the period.

Because of its central location, you should al least walk by this magnificent building. Alternatively, you can
visit the church during its opening hours and admire its beautiful Baroque decoration in the inside.

Relax a Little and Walk Around Lille Lungegardsvannet

Your walking tour cannot be complete without paying a visit to the lake located right in the center
of the city. Lille Lungegardsvannet was once connected to the bay. Today, there is a big fountain in the
middle with jets and dancing lights. Especially with sunny weather, a walk around the lake can be very
relaxing and if you’re tired after a full day of sightseeing you might find a nice spot to sit for a while by the

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Be Artsy At The Bergen Kunstmuseum

If you like arts, Bergen Kunstmuseum is one of the largest art museums in the city. Located on one side of
the Lille Lungegardsvannet, it displays a great collection of paintings, some by the most famous artists
including Paul Klee and Picasso, among many others. There are also several temporary exhibitions which
are worth to check out.

Shop Like A Local In Marken or Strandgaten

With all of these cultural activities, you might want to do something different and walk in the pedestrian
street famous for its many shops and cute coffee shops. In Marken, you’ll find various shops selling jewelry,
clothes, and crafts. If you are in a shopping mood, or you simply want to do something different, consider
taking a walk here! Besides, the buildings are stunning, so they would be worth a visit anyway.

If you wish to shop more, you’ll find plenty of shops in Strandgaten. It is a long and crowded shopping street
where many locals go shopping. The beautiful window display in pure Scandinavian style makes every shop
very attractive. If you want to escape bad weather and look for minimalistic products that are typical of the
region, then go shopping in Strandgaten. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, going “window-shopping”
can be extremely interesting.

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Find Street Art Around the City

A city tour in Bergen means you’ll have to visit the city on foot. That’s pretty obvious. Visiting a city on
foot can make you experience the city a lot better and soaking more into its vibes and culture. By walking
around you’ll be surprised to find beautiful street art which is a bit in contrast with the historical wooden
houses that are scattered everywhere around the city.

After a visit from Basky in the city in the early 2000s, Bergen’s street art has rapidly increased in popularity.
While walking, fun and different activity you can do is search for the vibrant, colorful and daring street art
that can be found almost anywhere, you only need to know where to look. Sentralbadet is the only legal
street art wall. And if you’re into this kind of art, you’d better check it out. However, if you take a tour
around the University of Bergen or the Skostredet neighborhood, you’ll find some more creative pieces of
art. I bet you didn’t expect it!
Admire the Breathtaking View Of The City From Above By Taking

The Floibanen Funicular

Ok, this is not entirely part of a typical walking tours in Bergen, but you really shouldn’t miss it.
Bergen is a peculiar city surrounded by seven mountains, which contribute to creating a beautiful landscape
around the city.

The funicular runs every 15 minutes and goes up to the mountain of Floyen and it has its starting point from
the city center. It is one of the most popular touristic attractions and for its reasons.
The view you’ll get from the top (but also while going up) is unrivaled and truly breathtaking. If you want
(or if you can), consider taking the funicular at sunset, which is simply magical, probably incomparable to
anything else you’ve seen so far. At night, you’ll see the whole city wonderfully lighted up, which is a
magnificent view. The most adventurous might want to hike up the mountain, which takes about one hour
and includes crossing the forest where you can admire nature and some pretty lakes.

Visit The KODE Museum

The KODE museum is the largest museum of art, design, and music in the Scandinavian region. It is made
up of 4 buildings, all located in different parts of the city. You’ll only have to pay one ticket and you’ll get
access to crafts and design exhibitions in KODE 1, contemporary art in KODE 2, traditional Norvegian art in
KODE 3 and the art museum at KODE 4, which includes works from Paul Klee and Picasso but also a
laboratory for kids to discover art by playing.

Especially with rainy weather, visiting the KODE is an enriching and interesting activity to do when in

So here it was, a shortlist of all the important attractions that should be included in your walking tour
Bergen. Make sure you make the most out of your trip and explore as much as you can! Bergen is considered
by many one of the most beautiful Scandinavian cities and you’ll for sure not get bored in this city rich in
attractions and activities!

by Andre Perneel