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The main focus on this article is to get an idea of how you can go on a free tour Copenhagen tour and spend some
wonderful time there. If you are looking for a free Copenhagen tour then this article is for you. Visiting
Copenhagen can be really fun because it’s a very peaceful city and the Copenhagen people are always
willing to help tourists who might be in a dire situation. Copenhagen has a lot of tourist attractions that you
can visit such as the Dragon Fountain, the Amailenborg Palace and many others.

The National Gallery of Denmark

National Gallery of Denmark- Free Tour Copenhagen

But the capital of Denmark is also home to a truly special tourist attraction and that is The National Gallery of Denmark. Many people wonder what is so special about the National Gallery of Denmark? The National Gallery of Denmark is also
known as SMK which stands for “Stations Museum for Kunst” and translated literally that means “State
Museum of Art”. The museum was established back in the 1896 and is full of history. It is the home of not
only Danish but foreign pieces of art since the 14th century. The original structure of the SMK was designed
by Vilhelm Dahlerup and GEW Møller. They built it from 1889 to the 1896 in an old fashioned Italian
renaissance style.

The facts

What is so special about it is the fact that the museum contains over 9,000 paintings and sculptures and there
are approximately over 240,000 art works on paper. Some of these works are actually hundreds of years old
and they are truly unique. The gallery has seen a lot of art starting from the European back in 1300s, the
Danish and Nordick from around the 1700s, the French from the 1900s and many others.

These Art periods actually led to the creation of some of the paintings that you can expect to find in the gallery. The likes of
“The Portrait of Madame Matisse” by Henri Matisse, “In a Roman Osteria” by Carl Bloch, “The Dancing
Glade at Sorgenfri, North of Copenhagen” by Jens Juel, “Alice” by Amedeo Modigliani and “In The Garden
Door. The Artist’s Wife” by L. A. Ring are just a few of the long list of beautiful and traditional paintings
that can be seen inside.

The museum is open every day except for Monday and is open form 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening, except for Wednesdays when it closes two hours early. For tourists who might want a break there is also a cafe called “Kafeteria”, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch.

One of the best things about Copenhagen is that you can go on a free tour Copenhagen and visit various
landmarks. Most of the tours can last 2 hours and some of them can actually be heard in both English and
Spanish. Regardless, if you are planning to stay in Denmark and you are in the Copenhagen area, visiting
The National Gallery should be on your list of things to do, especially if you are a fan of art and literature.