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If you are looking for a place to visit, why not enjoy a free tour Stockholm which is rich with history, beautiful sites to experience and even royalty! I have listed some amazing places that often tours that you may wish to experience here in Stockholm.


A little information about Stockholm; When walking on the cobble paths which have
been kept in contact through the years as they are to be walked on only, you can admire and take your time to enjoy all the old historic buildings, so
beautiful and well looked after it is like you are jumping into a fairy-tale book.

As well as taking leisurely strolls and enjoying Stockholm you can join the 70,000 cyclists that ride through the towns. This is one of the great
benefits of the locals that live here as it keeps everyone for and healthy with regular exercise as well as less damage to the cobble floors and less pollution I’m the air.

There is no rush to get all done as Stockholm has hundreds of years of history and world hard to look after all of their buildings, art and structures making sure that it is all still “alive” and incorporated into their everyday lives.

I would suggest visiting Stockholm and taking your time to enjoy every aspect of letting the people and history enter Your heart and giving your memories of a pleasant visit, hopefully, you will want to continue coming back and having Stockholm as a regular vacation or trip that always has something new to surprise you all.

If you are looking for a free tour Stockholm central has some which are definitely
not to be missed, and some experiences do charge or there is free passes that
can be obtained.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

If it is royalty and palaces that peak your interest I would strongly recommend visiting here, it is one of the world’s largest palaces, it has so much to
offer and explore that you will want to return after your first visit.

The Royal Palace

A stunning Palace which was built in the eighteenth century is home to the king
and her Majesty the queen of Sweden with over 600 beautifully decorated rooms spread across Eleven floors.

The palace in open to all that wish to visit with a lot of the Castle open to the public all year round!

As you enter the Reception rooms you will be surrounded by unique and perfectly crafted designs from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

As you make your way through the
Palace you will have the opportunity to visit over five museums full of interesting facts and antiques.

If you are interested in the history you may
want to visit Gustav III’s museum of antiquities and the museum of Tre Kronor.

That is not all that this Royal Palace has to offer, if it is the military and there is cleverly designed armour for you to see and learn more about and for those who tale an interested on fashion you can witness hand-stitched specifically designed Royal costumes on display in the Armoury.

For those of you that enjoy transport for Royalty, there will be Coronation Carriages and amazingly crafted Coaches in the stables. There is all this and more to explore at the Royal Palace.

And to top off this amazing experience you will have the opportunity to witness a parade of the Soldiers once a day when it is time for a change of the guards, the dedicated and loyal guards which put their life on the line everyday tale sure the Royals are protected from anyone which may wish to harm them or break into the palace and steal valuable and important documents and/or items that can be sold illegally.

The Nobel Museum

The Nobel Museum

The Nobel Museum

The Museum is directly in the middle of the old town which is full of history. I have a question for you, Do you enjoy Literature, Economics, Chemistry and Physics and want peace for all? If that is a yes there are free tours Stockholm
has in the Novel Prize Museum.

The Nobel Museum

Everyone who have chosen to study and explore these professions and many more people have heard of the prestigious Nobel Prize awards, it is one of the greater honours in these fields someone could obtain.

The Award can be won by anyone in the world. A fun fact is that the museum was founded in the year 2001, which is also when the Nobel Prize
celebrated 100 years.

From 1901 to 2019 the Nobel peace prize has only been awarded 99 times to the amazing work of 133 Novel Laureates, an absolutely amazing achievement.

In the museum there are exhibitions about the amazing Marie Curie, Winston Churchill and the great Nelson Mandela.

You will be able to experience the walkthrough timeline of all the triumph since 1901 and see many have accomplished so much helping us grow in many industries and in health. For those who enjoy short films the Museum plays some based on these brilliant minds.

Currently, they do have a great exhibition on Martin Luther King Junior about the right to Freedom but this will only until mid-September 2019.

If you are not able to make this exhibition the Nobel Museum runs many exhibitions and other lectures throughout the year giving people many opportunities to see, learn and explore more.

For Facilities there is a restaurant to satisfy any hunger or thirst and if you wish for something to remember your trip you could visit their gift shop.

There is a saying that great minds think alike, you could never know if you come and visit the Museum there could be am idea or creation there that may spark something inside you or someone you know which with dedication, hard work and creativity may land you a brilliant idea which could change the world and you could land
yourself a Nobel Prize.

To some this sounds like just a dream but everything was made better or invented by a dream of creating a better world for all, a dream to stop all illnesses, a dream to have world peace, a dream to make the impossible possible.

I could talk on and on about this Museum but it will not compare to visiting it in real life and experiencing it all for yourself.

Riddarholm Church


This church combines so much for a tourists with the benefits of great design and the history of many rulers.

A historic medieval Monastery church is the kings church of tombs was built in the 1200s with tombs that hold the Swedish rulers from 1632 until 1950 with the exception of Queen Kristina.

Riddarholm Church

This is a stunningly built church with the previous rulers to be laid to rest and has been visited
by many visitors through the years.

Many come to admire the beautiful church, some to pay there respects to those that lay there and added so much to the country through many years, and others visit to explore some amazing history of
this church and all who are laid to rest within.

Apart from special arrangements and requests the church arranges walk in tours during spring all the way through to autumn only and in the summer weekends it hosts Gregorian music festivals.

An interesting fact is that on the walls of the church hang some of the knights of Seraphim’s armour, whenever a knight of order passes away his coats arms will be hung in respect with the Bells ringing constantly between 12.00-13.00 when the funerals take place.

Churches mean a lot to many people some through spirituality and others through art.

To imagine hundreds of years of rulers that helped shape and mould Stockholm lay within the walls of this stunning and authentic church.

Parliament House
Parliament Sweden- Free Walking Tour Stockholm

Parliament Sweden

Another free tour Stockholm offers would be at the extravagant and large building where there are guided tours from September through to June when Parliament is in session.

The Parliament House

It has to be admired just how open Sweden is allowing anyone from the public who wants to study or just watch public hearings and debates to come and witness them.

Typically it attracts two different types of tourists, from one end of the scale is people who enjoy politics and then other end is tourists who have a passion for architecture, Who would blame them this building really is a sight to see and admire built in 1905 with breathe taking murals explaining some of Stockholm’s history.

Apart from politics the Parliament House hosts the Right Livelihood Awards, a grand place to host and love ceremony which rewards the intelligent people who help offer and create solutions to problems which humanity may face and faces.

The Royal Dramatic Theatre
The Royal Dramatic Theatre Stockholm

The Royal Dramatic Theatre Stockholm

To anyone who enjoys and admires theatre than this is a building that catches your eye and is a must see Right by the waterfront. Built in 1908 it always has and always will stand proud and beautiful.

The Royal Dramatic Theatre

As you approach you feel as if you are a part of royalty as the entrance is crafted and designed beautifully with a touch of gold.

Once you finish admiring the front of the building and walk through the foyer towards the main stage you step onto the stunning marble floors.

Have you always wanted to ne a Star or experience what it is like behind the stage, at the Royal Dramatic Theatre you have the opportunity to go behind the stage and put yourself in the shoes of se amazing actors and actresses.

That once stood there, directors which made some incredible shows maybe the often over looked technicians and set providers which are behind the scenes making the
magic happen and creativity come alive.

If  you enjoy plays or are aspiring to be an actor/actress than the Royal Dramatic
Theatre will be a place many dream of performing as many stars and directors you may have seen and have captured your heart where created and blossomed inside this very theatre.

The Theatre is a place like no other that makes dreams come alive and imagination soar. You really can feel the atmosphere and excitement of all as you enter here, take your time and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The Government Offices – Rose Bath
The Government Offices - Rose Bath Stockholm

The Government Offices – Rose Bath Stockholm

In 1912 the state started taking over Rosenbath and the Ministry of Commerce moved on from 1922. The rest of the building was taken over by the government from 1956.

The Government Offices

Inside this historic building is the office of the Swedish Prime Minister and the press all hold conferences here when concerning the government. It holds eleven quarters all filled with twelve government offices.

The city museum has marked the building as having cultural and historic values which protects it from any restoration that can or will harm any parts of it that hold and relevance to the history or Stockholm.

Since 2018 the building has started to be renovated as estimated to take around three years to
complete. While the renovations are taking place the government offices have been moved elsewhere.

The Sager House Stockholm Free Tour Stockholm

The Sager House Stockholm Free Tour Stockholm

A free tour Stockholm offers is one of the Sager House where you can see where the Prime Minister lives and the historic building in which he lives.

The Sager House – The official residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden

The lovely architecture of this home dates all the way back to the 1640’s. Before the Swedish state took it over in 1998 the Sager family managed this stunning place from when the Sager brothers purchased the building in 1880.

It is alive with history of the remodelling from 1893 and you will be able to see that just from visiting the outside and enjoying the structure of this home.

How often are we lucky enough to see buildings this old and burying with history.

You never know you may catch a look at the Minister or another important figure enter or leave the Sager house, now wouldn’t that be something.

Stockholm City Hall from Mariaberget

Stockholm City Hall from Mariaberget

Saving the best for last. When visiting be sure you set aside time from the free tour Stockholm provides to enjoy this City Hall.

City Hall of Stockholm

The historic and magnificent town hall will started to be built in 1923 and reported to be built with over eight million bricks used.

The City hall will be celebrating 100 years in 2023 which is definitely going to be a large celebration.

You can join one of the public tours or if you would rather enjoy it all at your own pace there is the option for a private but this will be booked in advance and is only available for groups of 10 and more.

Not only does 300 employees work at the City Hall keeping Stockholm running smoothly and growing strong but it also hosts many events too.

The Golden Hall and Blue Hall have allowed Universities, companies and organizations to use the galls for varies activities which include banquets, parties and some ceremonies.

If you are looking to visit you will not be disappointed it has already receives around 500,000, half a million visitors joining guided tours every year making it one of the most popular tourist spots. You can only visit of you in a guided

When in the guided tours you will have plenty to see. The yearly Novel Banquet takes place in the Blue Hall, this is where you can see a place in which some of the greatest minds discuss their amazing achievements.

In the Golden Hall you will be able to enjoy and see nineteen million gold mosaics.

You can always visit the Council Chambers and have the opportunity to witness where
101 councillors meet and discuss important decisions.

This is ideal for anyone who enjoys politics and takes a real interest in the subject.

The Blue Hall received its name because it was originally supposed to be painted blue but then the plan was changed and the colour was changed. If you are interested in music the Hall is home to Scandinavians oldest organ.

The Oval is an antechamber which is on the shape of an Oval hence the name given.
If you are someone who enjoys historic designs you will like the Tapestries which are over 300 years old and cover the walls.

It has been popular with partnerships and marriages being help there on Saturdays, which is a dream of many because of the shape and gorgeous designs inside alongside the historic
elements of the City Hall.

For those who respect and enjoy the importance of the Nobel prize, you can visit the hall that has hosted the banquets since the 1930s.

The City Hall is built on Kungsholmen island near the shore where you can stand or take a seat looking out where will have an amazing view of the Lake Malaren.

Lake Malaren Stockholm

Lake Malaren Stockholm

Apart from all the amazing attractions which are listed above there are more beautiful places to visit and explore.

Take a leisurely walk to the local cafes
and bars, enjoy a lovely evening at one of the restaurants, purchase some gifts or treat yourself while shopping or you could just take a seat and take in all the sights and sounds that Stockholm offers.

For art lovers, a free tour Stockholm could offer you is of you take a stroll down the metro stations in Stockholm where there are miles of stations covered on art, from mosaics to paintings and sculptures which range all the way back from
the 1950s.