What To Do In Oslo Budget Tourist?

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One of the most expensive cities to live around the world is Oslo, which is in Norway. The general lifestyle of the city is quite high, but there is a way that you can stay within your budget, but still enjoy the city. If you want to enjoy the lifestyle in Oslo, but still stay within your budget, here is what to do in Oslo;What To Do In Oslo Budget Tourist?
1. Buy The Oslo Pass
Even though it might be a limited pass, but it can help you enjoy the most,while still staying within your buddget. You will pay about 430 NOK, which is about $55, for an Oslo Pass, which will be valid for only 72 hours, which translates to 3 days. This might seem too expensive, but you will be saving lots of money, if you are an explorer. You can enjoy some great discounts on such shops like the Deli de Luca.

2. Spend Time At The Comfort Hotel Xpress
This is one of the most recognized hotels in Oslo an it will cost you only 299NOK, which is about $38 for a night, only if you make your booking in advance. The hotel is very classy, with a lot to offer. The rooms are quite modern, which are fitted with a large plasma TV, elegant bathrooms, along with a WiFi connection. All this goes for approximately $38 a night, what a relief. Just ensure that you have made your bookings in advance.Buy The Oslo Pass

3. The Bygdoy Island
You will expect to pay about 35NOK for a boat ride to Bygdoy. The island hosts some of the top attractions of Oslo. Alternatively, there is an option of taking a bus to the island, but if you want to enjoy the scenery of the City, then the Boat 91 is the best option. The entire journey is only 15 minutes and you will be on the island. Here is where the Oslo Pass comes handy, since you will enjoy a free ride to the island with your Oslo Pass. The island is also a great place that holds the best historic events of the City.

4. Visit The Kon-Tiki Museum
This museum is on the island and it will cost you 65kr, or you will access it freely, using your Oslo Pass. There is the original reed boat that was used by Thor Heyerdahl, who invented the boat that was to help him cross the Pacific Ocean. There is also an exhibition of the Easter Island and the Tigris exhibition.The Vigelan Park

5. The Vigelan Park
There are more than 190 sculptures in the Vigelan Park. The sculptures feature the life and relationships of the residents of the area. The park has the sculpture of the Angry Boy, the Monolith and many more. The park basically has more to offer and you will enjoy it even more, especially if you are a fan of art. The best thing about it is that you will access it freely, with or without your Oslo Pass.

6. Eat At The Mogador Café
This is another top eating joint in the city and you will save lots of money, while you enjoy some of the best meal around. There are several tapas that are offered at the café and also, they come at amazing prices. Even though you will have to wait for a while for your food to be prepared, you will end up enjoying the best and it comes at a reasonable price. You will have your food for only about 160Kr, which is about $20 and a glass of beer would go for just 41Kr, that is $5. You will enjoy a nutritious meal that is well prepared, with a taste of the finest beer, for less than $30.Peppe’s

7. Peppe’s
This is one place that you will enjoy the best Pizza in the city, at the lowest price possible. It is located at the Oslo Central Station and you will have a satisfying snack for about 80Kr. For instance, if you take 2 pizza slices and a coke, you will pay about 79Kr. In addition to that, you enjoy a free WiFi to keep you online and updated throughout your visit Oslo.

The secret might be finding the cheapest hotel and generally making advanced bookings, but the best thing to do is to get yourself an Oslo Pass. This can grant you free access in many areas and there are also several discounts that go with it.