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Free Walking Tour Bergen | NORDIC FREEDOM TOURS

Free Walking Tour Bergen Bergen is a picturesque, charming city in Norway. Once the capital and the most important city in the country. today Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway and it attracts many tourists throughout the year. This beautiful destination has a lot to offer: from the stunning fjords to the pretty colorful houses and the variety in museums but[...]

Five Fun Facts You Never Knew About Oslo

Oslo is probably one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Norway, with most people shunning the city sights in favor of the deep blue fjords and other natural attractions that the country possesses. It’s all well and good though. Norway’s landscapes are some of the best in the world. But missing out on Oslo means missing out on[...]

Free Tour Copenhagen

Visit Copenhagen The main focus on this article is to get an idea of how you can go on a free tour Copenhagen tour and spend some wonderful time there. If you are looking for a free Copenhagen tour then this article is for you. Visiting Copenhagen can be really fun because it's a very peaceful city and the Copenhagen people[...]

Free Tour Stockholm by NORDIC FREEDOM TOURS®

Visit Stockholm If you are looking for a place to visit, why not enjoy a free tour Stockholm which is rich with history, beautiful sites to experience and even royalty! I have listed some amazing places that often tours that you may wish to experience here in Stockholm. Stockholm A little information about Stockholm; When walking on the cobble paths which[...]

Segway Stockholm

We have prepared a report for you dedicated to one of our Segway Stockholm tours! Check it out and join us next time – believe us, you will not regret! The Knights' Island We have started out with the island Riddarholmen which is also known as the Island of Knights. Such significant buildings like the old Parliament and the National[...]

Norway’s Rich History and The Culture City

Visit Oslo for a unique experience Are you looking for new adventures? Do you love rustic scenery or do you wish to relax somewhere away from home, but still remain within city limits? If so, visit Oslo for a unique experience. You're in not only for a grand, unforgettable vacation but you will travel back in time with its[...]

Top 5 Reasons Why Norway Has A High Standard Of Living

If you visit Oslo, Norway's capital, you will immensely enjoy the exciting mix of modern and historic furniture Norway is undeniably one of the most beautiful places on this planet. It has fascinating history, stunning cities, rich culture, and wonderful people. It also has a high standard of living with high levels of human development. If you visit Oslo,[...]

Oslo Attractions

Exploring Oslo: A City of Hidden Gems and Vibrant Culture Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a fascinating city that blends historical richness with modern flair. Whether you're a culture enthusiast, nature lover, or gastronomy aficionado, Oslo has something exciting to offer. One of the best ways to dive into the essence of Oslo without denting your wallet is[...]

Oslo, the Best Place for Tourist to Visit

The most interesting - my visit to Oslo Oslo, the capital of Norway is one of the most essential historical places of European countries and it is the city, where you can feel the wealth of the Viking lifestyle. This city is famous due to its cultural life and its traditional significance has made it a city of history[...]

Best Things To Do In Oslo

The horseshoe city has number of things to do in Oslo There are plenty of things to do in Oslo. It is an outstanding beautiful city that is situated in eastern region of Norway. This city contains a long history that goes back more than thousand years. It has developed more in terms of history, shimmering bastion of culture[...]